Roku Channel Development

Roku Channel on Eternity TV

Get your church a TV channel on Eternity TV on Roku Devices and TV’s


Reach members on their television in realtime and offer video on demand.

Over the past years ROKU has become one of the most attractive broadcast opportunities. While there are other set-top-boxes and SmartTV devices available, ROKU has out-smarted most other platforms with its open Channel Store and broadcaster-friendliness. This has led to ROKU becoming the market leader among the trend-setters of the new SmartTV-Trend.

Especially the faith-based world has recently woken up to ROKU and discovered its enormous potential to build additional viewership which otherwise could not be reached. But also businesses, independent film producers and artists have recently started to recognize the possibilities increasingly.

What’s a Roku account?

You need a Roku account to activate your device and access entertainment across thousands of streaming channels. There are no monthly equipment rental fees with Roku. Adding a payment method lets you easily rent/buy movies on demand or subscribe to popular services like Netflix.

Which product is right for me?

There’s a Roku streaming player or Roku TV for everyone.


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