Over 22 years of programing and development love working with clients and creating.

Dr. Deryck J. Hunte, Founder and CEO of VIMG, stands at the vanguard of digital innovation, particularly in empowering churches and non-profits to amplify their missions. His visionary leadership has propelled VIMG to specialize in creating impactful digital solutions tailored to the unique needs of faith-based organizations and charitable institutions, ensuring they can connect with their communities more effectively and spread their message far and wide.


Under Dr. Hunte’s guidance, VIMG harnesses cutting-edge technology to craft bespoke web designs, digital marketing strategies, and engagement platforms that resonate with the core values and goals of churches and non-profits. His deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within this sector has enabled VIMG to offer services that not only enhance online presence but also foster genuine connections between these organizations and those they serve.


A scholar and a philanthropist, Dr. Hunte’s approach is rooted in a profound belief in the power of technology to enact social change. He is dedicated to helping these organizations navigate the digital landscape, empowering them to broaden their reach and impact in serving communities and advancing their missions.


Dr. Hunte’s commitment extends beyond business. He actively collaborates with a variety of charitable groups, offering his expertise and VIMG’s resources to support their causes. His work with churches and non-profits reflects a deep-seated dedication to using technology as a force for good, driving positive change, and supporting those in the pursuit of making the world a better place.


In leading VIMG, Dr. Deryck J. Hunte continues to inspire his team and partners to explore innovative solutions that support the noble goals of churches and non-profits, ensuring that their missions are not just sustained but thrive in the digital age.