No matter how long you’ve been in business, these are the warning signs:

  • You have an influx of work that you can’t handle
  • You can’t keep up with all of your leads
  • Everyone who reaches out to you is a “yes” — none of your leads say “no”
  • You feel resentful and burnt out
  • You can’t hit your financial goals (such as saving a certain percentage for retirement or expenses and investments that will likely help you grow your business)

Want to take advantage of digital marketing ?

You can hire us to manage your social media content and advertising.

  • Comments – Will you respond to all comments or only in-depth comments?
  • Follows – You could follow back and/or like a new followers’ posts.
  • Retweets – You could like retweets and follow relevant accounts.
  • Mentions – Be sure to monitor mentions of your company so you can respond accordingly
  • Messages – You should respond to all (non-spam) direct messages within 24 hours, much fewer if resources allow